MdCNEWS, the Marco de Comunicación agency newsletter - May 2018

A word from our CEO, Didier Lagae

[ May 2018 ]

The first quarter of the year has yet again been outstanding for Marco de Comunicación. The agency swept the prestigious Mercury Excellence Awards, collecting eleven prizes, thanks to the work carried out for the World Water Council, COP22 and Conforama. Additionally, last week our World Water Day Campaign for the World Water Council was awarded Best Campaign for NGOs in the first edition of the Dircom Ramón de Corral Awards, while both Camitis and the opening event for the Spaces venues in Madrid and Barcelona were finalists in their respective categories.

Furthermore, our agency has been tasked with setting up a powerful international operation to maximise the reach of the world’s most important event on water, the World Water Forum. Celebrated in Brasilia (Brazil), Marco de Comunicación produced and set up the World Water Council stand, with a stunning design which proved truly eye catching. This resulted in yet another challenge fulfilled for Marco de Comunicación, and simultaneously demonstrated our ‘global mind-set’ philosophy, which is shared by all of our consultants.

Our consultants and multidisciplinary teams have carried out exemplary work in this first quarter, and I am proud to acknowledge and celebrate these great efforts and achievements.

Didier Lagae



Marco de Comunicación sweeps awards with eleven prizes at the Mercury Excellence Awards

[ May 2018 ]

Marco de Comunicación sweeps awards with eleven prizes at the Mercury Excellence AwardsThe actions developed for the World Water Council, COP22 and Conforama received one Gold (WWC), 5 Silver, 3 Bronze and 2 Honours.

Marco de Comunicación (MdC), the most awarded Spanish PR agency, has once again been recognised in the Mercury Excellence Awards, where it has won 11 awards in their 2017/2018 edition. With these new awards, the agency now has a grand total of 52 Mercury Awards since its formation more than 15 years ago.

Some of the categories in which Marco de Comunicación has been recognised include: a Gold award for the World Water Day campaign for the World Water Council in the category “Video-Public Awareness Campaign”. Five Silvers were awarded, including an award for the COP22 campaign in the category “Corporate: Green/Environmental Practices”, another for the World Water Council in the “Non-Profit/Public Affairs” category and three more for the #Camitis campaign created for Conforama in the “Marketing: Home Furnishing”, “Marketing: Product Awareness” and “Special Events: Bedroom Furniture” categories. As well, three Bronze awards including one for COP22 in the “Corporate: Green Focus Event” category and two others for the #Camitis campaign by Conforama in the categories “Publicity: Brand Awareness” and “Publicity: Social Media Influences”. Finally, the company won two Honour awards, one for COP22 in the “Non Profit/Public Affairs” category and the other for #Camitis in the “Social Media Consumer Awareness” category.

Marco de Comunicación’s campaign winner, for its work for the World Water Council on the World Water Day, consisted of an emotional call to governments and international institutions, to raise awareness of the urgency of the increase in water security. Extensive research along with support from experts created powerful storytelling, continuing with the concept of “with no water, there is no life”. This was complemented with press releases, infographics and a video together with interviews and testimonies. With this material, the agency generated 1,500 news articles from around the world, creating an audience of more than a million and strongly positioning the WWC as an authoritative voice in the water theme. The coverage that the WWC received in relation to World Water Day was six times more than that of other organisations combined, including the UN, UNICEF, SIWI and WEF, and received more than 500,000 views on social media.

For the COP22, MdC managed the relations with media on an international level for the Steering Committee of the 22nd Conference of Parties for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which took place between the 7th and 18th November in Marrakech. The six month campaign “Fighting against Climate Change”, included 28 press conferences, 76 press reports, hundreds of interviews, numerous press trips to countries such as the United States, France and Morocco, as well in-situ support during the two-week event, which was attended by 20,000 political leaders, entrepreneurs, NGOs and more than 1,500 journalists from around the world. The campaign obtained a lot of media coverage, with 44,000 news articles generated on a global scale, all of them highlighting the key messages of the UN and the COP22.

In the case of Conforama, Marco de Comunicación developed a campaign for all of the Iberian Peninsula with the concept #Camitis, through two actions in Madrid and Lisbon and a preliminary media study about the importance of relaxation. The 360 action relied on the support from reputable sleep associations, experts and insomnia scientists from both Spain and Portugal, bringing together more than 200 people, achieving 150 appearances in media under the title “The biggest bed in Spain and Portugal”.



Marco de Comunicación makes the world aware of water security

[ May 2018 ]

As part of the actions carried out for the World Water Council, Marco de Comunicación set up an international operation to generate massive coverage for the largest water-related event in the world, the 8th World Water Forum, which took place in Brasilia, Brazil from March 17 to 23.

The services provided by the agency to its client included the preparation and design of institutional documents, the production of corporate and informative videos, media relations with journalists and media from across the globe, as well as the design and assembly of the official stand of the World Water Council in Brasilia.

The World Water Council’s stand projected their initiatives across a veil of flowing water, conveying their values of inclusivity, openness, sustainability, transparency and barrierless cooperation. The stand measured 8.5m x 17m, covering a surface area of 144.5m², and was made of sustainable, natural and illuminated materials. It featured an open space for conferences and debates, an information area, interactive areas, a private meeting room for up to 10 people, a coffee area and a storage space. World Water Forum attendees were also offered a multisensory experience, the stand, adorned with LED screens, harnessed social media with “virtual messages in bottle” via social networks and projecting their messages onto a wall of water which they could literally reach-out and touch.

To date, more than 4,000 clippings have been recorded in media outlets from New Zealand to California, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. If the world learned something more about the importance of water and its future in the short term, it is thanks to the intense work of MdC and its international team which coordinated their efforts and managed to generate worldwide interest from top tier media such as The Times, Al Jazeera, AFP, Reuters, the Country, Folha de Sao Paulo, and The Citizen of South Africa.

The campaign, implemented over three months, began with a strategy of raising awareness around the brand of the World Water Council and the World Water Forum, using current news of global interest to promote the work of the Council. This anticipated the need to position the brand appropriately before the Forum was held, highlighting the importance of aquatic safety, and placing water-related issues faced worldwide in the eyes of global media.

As the Forum approached, the news used in the publications became more positive until it culminated at the Forum, where the world’s decision-makers met to find solutions. Framing the World Water Council as part of the solution allowed them to become the world’s authority on water, and ensure the media knew who they are and the sheer importance of their work.

The strategy involved a series of detailed press releases, press conferences, one-on-one interviews with top tier media, interactive debates, video news releases and infographics. All of these efforts were utilised to highlight the value of water, and the vital role played by the World Water Council and the World Water Forum in securing water’s and our future.



Spaces participates in the 4yfn event (four years from now) of MWC 2018

[ May 2018 ]

Spaces participates in the 4yfn event (four years from now) of MWC 2018The 4YFN, which took place at the Fira de Montjuïc February 26 – 28, is an international event promoted by the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which was also held in Barcelona during the same dates. The 4YFN aimed to connect entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors from all over the world to promote the creation and development of new companies.

In this event, Spaces, the new international offer of workspaces which promotes a dynamic community for entrepreneurs and companies, decided to play an active role by enabling a workspace within the 4YFN site, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs connect and develop unique synergies.

MdC was responsible for the management of all aspects of this space, and due to the event’s national and international impact, utilising it as a media platform to increase the visibility of the brand was paramount. The team managing this account was also responsible for the logistics of the space, attending to the guests and making them feel at home.

While the 4YFN event is driven by the MWC, and coincides with the same dates, both events are held in two different locations across a distance in Barcelona. This is to ensure the assistance of media and target audiences, which are more prone to cover the MWC than the 4YFN, and this reality was a challenge for MdC.

In preparation for this challenge, several weeks before the 4YFN, the team responsible developed an important strategy in relation to the media who were set to cover the MWC. This method consisted of an opportunity for journalists to take advantage of their visit to Barcelona to meet the directors of Spaces, and get to know first-hand the philosophy and the look & feel of the flexible workspaces.

To increase the level of knowledge within the media about Spaces and what it offers, a press release was distributed one week before the event, containing tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. This release was well received in the media.

As a result of these actions, the Spaces work zone became the preferred workspace for the media, who utilised it as an interview area, and a meeting point for entrepreneurs and start-ups. In addition, during the two days of the 4YFN, 10 interviews were conducted with Spaces Country Manager of Spain, Phillipe Jiménez, for top tier media such as Expansión, El Español, Agencia EFE, and Radio Intereconomía. Television outlets also visited the Spaces venue, and some, such as TV3, used imagery collected there as resource images to illustrate their reports which were broadcast during the 4YFN.

For the 20,000 people who visited this space, it became a meeting place, a space to relax, have a coffee, or play a game of foosball after an exhausting day during the MWC.



Amway open day on nutrition and ocular health

[ May 2018 ]

Amway open day on nutrition and ocular healthOn March 13th, an open day for media and influencers took place in the Experience Room of MdC, where Amway, the largest direct sales company in the world, presented a new nutritional product from its Nutrilite range, Blueberries with Lutein. The presentation revolved around the benefits of maintaining adequate nutrition to maintain good eye health.

From 9.00am until 1:00 pm, the journalists and influencers in attendance had the opportunity to talk with Nutrilite nutritionist, Natalia Losana, who explained how the consumption of certain foods, such as blueberries, can prevent early degeneration of vision.

Ms. Losana, alongside a team of ophthalmologists from the AVER clinic, offered to perform an ocular revision to all those who attended the event. In addition, all attendees enjoyed a catering service in which some of the recommended foods to maintain good vision were served. The event was well received by the media and influencers: 15 journalists from top-level lifestyle media attended, such as Elle, Telva, Women's Health and Stilo, and television networks such as Antena 3, as well as 8 influencers. It received 22 mentions on social media and several online editorial pieces in the days immediately after the event.



Marco de Comunicación managed the media relations for LaLiga in its Innovation Showcase, which was presented during the MWC 2018

[ May 2018 ]

Marco de Comunicación managed the media relations for LaLiga in its Innovation Showcase, which was presented during the MWC 2018MdC was the agency responsible for relations with national and international media for the Innovation Showcase, organised by LaLiga, during the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress.

During this event, LaLiga presented their latest technological innovations, which have made it one of the best television shows in the world and one of the most advanced football leagues. The agency worked closely with those responsible for the communications for LaLiga to make the event a success and ensure the participation of media in the Innovation Showcase, which took place at the Real Club Deportivo Espanyol. As a result, more than 70 media from 24 countries on five continents experienced first-hand the technological innovations of the Spanish soccer league.

For two days, Joris Evers, communication director of LaLiga, and the Marco de Comunicación team, revealed to the media the technology used behind the cameras. The media responded very positively to this event, which allowed them to learn about the technologies that bring the matches to the fans in such a unique way, and how these allow football clubs to obtain very valuable tactical-strategic information. The event achieved great results with over 90 million potential viewers, and some 60 articles published in 26 countries around the world.