MdCNEWS, the Marco de Comunicación agency newsletter - February 2017

According to our CEO

[ February 2017 ]

Since you last heard from us, Marco de Comunicación has been busy doing what we do best: launching more award-winning campaigns.

We are helping to fight climate change with our international media relations campaign for the COP22, the UN environmental summit that took place in Marrakech in November, where we generated 44,000 news pieces globally in line with UN and COP22 key messaging. We also launched the acclaimed Friends of Glass campaign, where we raised awareness about the benefits of this environmentally-friendly material by producing a TV spot for Mediaset and inviting the public to participate in the creation of the first glass solidarity mosaic in Madrid, generating positive media coverage at every step.

We also helped Netflix reinvent TV with the ¨The New Way to Watch TV¨ campaign, which was created in order to increase awareness and sales of the streaming service in Iberia. We exceeded all expectations, achieving an unprecedented level of exposure in Spanish and Portuguese media. Coverage included nearly 100,000 feature stories, which resulted in 100% brand awareness and crushed all sales targets.

In addition, we recently launched our digital marketing agency Influencia to help brands optimally position themselves within the digital landscape, and inaugurated the Experience Room, a breathtaking venue and showroom for lifestyle clients located in a palace in Madrid´s prestigious Salamanca neighborhood.

Stay tuned as we continue to create brands and results in 2017 for our clients in Spain and around the world.

Didier Lagae



Marco de Comunicación is honored with a European Excellence Award for Palex Medical; Springfield-Cortefiel Group, Netflix and Anfevi are Finalists

[ February 2017 ]

European Excellence Award 2017One of Marco de Comunicación’s most triumphant evenings of 2016 was at the European Excellence Awards gala, celebrated in Berlin, where we were honoured to receive an award for best Iberian campaign thanks to our work with Palex Medical on their “Sigue tu Camino” (Follow your Journey) campaign. Up against strong competition from Samsung (Lift World), IBM (Text100), Portugal Paralympic Committee (Llorente & Cuenca) and EDP Energías de Portugal (EDP 40 Years), this award was the icing on the cake for what was already an incredibly successful campaign.

The communications strategy designed for Palex had the objective of spreading awareness of the first at-home haemodialysis system in Spain, giving patients energy and a new lease on life. To demonstrate this in the most visual way, MdC launched the “Follow your Way” campaign, putting 2 patients with CKD on the Camino de Santiago for 6 days, showing how Palex’s mobile haemodialysis device had given them a new level of control and energy in their lives. (Learn more about why this campaign won the award in the case study following).

Marco de Comunicación was recognised as an international leader through its 3 finalist entries in 3 separate categories: Springfield-Cortefiel Group (Fashion & Beauty), Netflix (Entertainment & Culture) and Anfevi (Corporate Responsibility).

For Springfield, MdC brought about a 360º campaign called #JoinThisWave, in which actors Mario Casas and Úrsula Corberó took part alongside various other brand ambassadors to celebrate the brand. The campaign achieved a total of 25,000 likes and 700 comments on social media, and reached an audience of 307 million people.

The objective of the Netflix ¨The New Way to Watch TV¨ campaign was to raise awareness of its streaming service in Spain and Portugal, where only 10% of people knew of the platform. For the official launch, MdC organised a huge round table and press junket, where the directors of Netflix and some of the most popular faces from their Original Series were interviewed by the media. In the 5 months since the launch, 100,000 clippings were generated, including 87 prime time TV segments, 200 interviews and 4 press trips.

In the case of ANFEVI, the agency designed a Christmas event aiming to raise awareness of the benefits of glass as a packaging material. The campaign included inviting the general public to be the main participators in the first glass solidarity mosaic. As a result, more than 2,000 people helped in its creation, leading to the donation of 3 tons of food.



MdC´s Brand Awareness Campaign for Revolutionary Mobile Haemodialysis Technology

[ February 2017 ]

MdC´s Brand Awareness Campaign PalexOf all the diverse campaigns carried out by Marco de Comunicación in 2016, perhaps one of the most emotionally rewarding was carried out for Palex Medical, increasing awareness of a life changing at-home haemodialysis machine used by patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Until last year, a patient with CKD in Spain needed to visit the hospital almost daily to have arduous dialysis treatment, which could take hours. With this in mind, we created and developed the award winning “Follow Your Way” campaign, putting 2 patients with CKD on the Camino de Santiago for 6 days, showing how Palex’s mobile haemodialysis device had given them a new level of control and energy in their lives.

To do this, MdC coordinated with national and regional health authorities to attend two public events: the first one in Madrid, prior to the pilgrimage, to present the initiative nationwide and push for the improvement in quality of life for CKD patients, and a second coinciding with the arrival of Lourdes and Adolfo at the Cathedral of Santiago.

The implementation of the “Follow your way” campaign highlighted the challenges faced by Lourdes and Adolfo through a press conference in Madrid attended by all general and healthcare media based in the capital, as well as TV and radio. A video ad about the initiative was launched alongside Lourdes and Adolfo’s own videos and was shared through social media to support the initiative and create a viral story. Once the last stage of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage had started, different media, from TV to radio, followed the daily progress made by the two CDK pilgrims, demonstrating the remarkable effect of the device. Their experiences, opinions and staging points were uploaded daily in their videoblog and on the mini site of the campaign.

The results of the campaign led to more than 100 minutes on national and local TV, and 65 minutes on radio programs. A total of 200 stories made it into national and regional media, with an overall audience of over 200 million. 10 TV channels and 15 radio stations covered the news and a community of 1,400 patients grew on our social channels, generating 80,000 impressions.

More importantly, the campaign led to 100% brand awareness among CKD patients in Spain with quadrupling sales, proving that a truly emotional campaign can indeed change lives.

Click here for a video summary of the Palex Medical campaign



The COP of Action: MdC helps the COP22 Steering Committee in the fight against global climate change

[ February 2017 ]

MdC helps the COP22 Steering Committee in the fight against global climate changeIs there a nicer way to apply one’s PR skills than to support the fight against climate change? This is exactly the assignment Marco de Comunicación and MSL Group won for managing the international media relations for COP22, starting in May 2016 and running through the completion of the environmental UN summit in Marrakech on 18 November 2016, as well as post COP22 wrap up through December 2016.

With 28 press conferences, hundreds of interviews, thousands of press clippings and numerous press trips to countries including the United States, France and Morocco in the promotion of this remarkable event, attended by 20,000 political, business leaders and NGOs as well as over 1,500 journalists from all around the world, the COP of Action has seen the Paris Agreement from COP21 coming into force on November 4th.

COP22 has also seen a focus on Africa, arguably the continent with most at stake, with droughts, floods, famine and massive migration due to climate change. To drive home the importance of the fight against climate change, MdC engaged well over 200 journalists from all over Africa in a set of unprecedented press trips. The assignment also showcased the leadership and expertise of Morocco in green and renewable energies, in sustainable farming and fishing, optimisation of water resources and in the fight against climate change overall. In addition, the agency carried out the first ever pan-African survey, asking over 1,000 African millennials about their knowledge, views and commitment to fighting climate change, which was shared with the media and public in late December.

To manage over 13,000 media contacts globally, relevant to the environmental and sustainability causes, we mobilised a dedicated team of 20 consultants full-time over a period of 6 months from its owned offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Casablanca, Lisbon and Miami, which was further supported by a much larger decentralised team in over 20 countries from its MSL Group affiliated PR network. The agency had 14 people on the ground in Marrakech for the two weeks of COP22.

The result of the PR campaign translated into massive media coverage. Since May 2016 and until end of November at the closure of COP22, a total coverage of over 44,000 news pieces were generated globally, underscoring the UN and COP22 key messages: the urge and need to take action in order to implement and finance the commitments established in the Paris agreement.

You can watch our COP22 case studies here:
Case Study COP22
COP22 Millennials survey in Africa



MdC Launches the Experience Room in Madrid

[ February 2017 ]

MdC Launches the Experience Room in MadridMarco de Comunicación welcomed its Experience Room to the heart of Madrid in 2016. Located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city, the neighbourhood of Salamanca, the experience room offers a 360º experience; clients are able to provide journalists, stylists, celebrities, influencers and professionals the chance to experience a variety of brands and products from different sectors first hand.

Set in a palace from the nineteenth century with a patio which overlooks the biggest private vertical garden of Europe, it is the perfect space for any PR event.

The Experience Room offers a multitude of opportunities in its simple space showroom, where people can find the latest fashion trends, preview an upcoming film or TV release in the Cinema Room, or enjoy a glass of champagne in the Degustation Corner. The Experience Room is a truly unique space fully equipped for corporate events, product launches and productions.

Access to the different floors of the Experience Room can be found through private and exclusive entrances, designed for our high profile clients. The property has been carefully renovated, with nine independent spaces that help to create exclusive and custommade interiors for its customers’ exact desires.

Influencia, the digital marketing subsidiary of MdC Group, used the Experience Room for their first edition of #InfluTalks, a day in which both the experts at Influencia and the members of the Spanish digital landscape offered key guidelines on the most relevant aspects of companies’ digital strategies. The event brought together more than twenty heads of marketing, digital, social media and communication at some of the most important companies in Spain, and was attended by experts such as Aída Hernández, E-Audience Measurement Teacher at IE, and influencers Javier Ausin, Diego Galilea, Carlos Soler and Pablo Urba.

The Experience Room also has an outdoor screen of 150×200 meters, which can be used by our customers for optimum advertising reach. This billboard is located in Principe de Vergara, between Jorge Juan and Goya, reaching around 100,000 vehicles and 5,000 pedestrians per day. The top floor has a rooftop terrace offering 360° panoramic views of Madrid, a city best seen from the skyline, which is fully renovated and refurbished for all types of events and exclusive parties.