Marco de Comunicación helps you to define key messages and Q&A's together with relevant information sources for journalists. Knowing the right journalist is important butit is far from being the answer to everything. The key is to understand what triggers headlines with strategic media and to undertake communication programs that make your activities and products newsworthy. Providing the right news angle or creating news events make a real, impactful difference. We also like to segment our information in order to maximize pick up by different media platforms.

We have developed our own unique methodology for building your corporate reputation and raising product awareness, which starts by mapping current perceptions and images compared to those of your direct competitors. Once objectives are in place to enhance awareness and / or change the perceived image, we develop a proactive communication approach which often includes a mix of regular press contacts with key journalists; distribution of press releases and opinion papers; placement of quotes and advertorials; production of newsletters, SMS and email campaigns; as well as the organization of press breakfasts, lunches, conferences and events.

Crisis preparedness has proven key in managing media coverage in times of, well yes, crisis. Diligent execution of the crisis communications plan and overall support in times of emergency assure minimum impact. In some cases we have achieved the ultimate resolution for our clients during times of crisis with our ability to turn product recalls into marketing coups. Or manage a major plant closure without severe media fallout. this takes a special skill that we have refined to an art form.