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The Greek crisis was mentioned over 135,000 times online in Spain during July

July 30, 2015

According to a study carried out by MdC’s Public Affairs team

The study carried out by MdC also reveals the politicians most vocal about the crisis: Mariano Rajoy, Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sanchez

The Greek crisis has been one of the most talked-about issues of the past month, particularly online. 135,000 mentions on blogs, forums, twitter and online press alone demonstrates the high degree of Spanish interest in the situation currently unravelling in Greece. These findings, which are the result of research carried out by the Public Affairs team at MdC, the top-rated and most award-winning Spanish PR agency, also reveal that Mariano Rajoy, Pablo Iglesias and Pedro Sanchez were the politicians who weighed in most on the ‘Greek question.’

The internet, and especially social media platforms such as twitter, has become a key channel through which politicians seek to create or influence public opinion. MdC keeps close eyes on online developments in order to adapt and ensure its corporate communications strategies are as effective as possible.

The study also shows that interest in the crisis appears to have piqued greater interest among men than women. 72% of all comments relating to the situation in Greece on social media were made by men, with just 28% by women.

#Grecia proved the most-used hashtag, featuring in almost 15% of all mentions of the crisis. #Oxi (‘no’), which stood for the rejection of the conditions laid out by the Eurogroup, was the second most-popular hashtag included in just under 3% of all mentions, while #greferendum came third with 1.5%.

Spanish political leaders in favour of the Eurogroup proposals were twice as visible on social media as those opposed.

Leaders of the main political parties in Spain have spoken extensively about Greece this past month and have, predictably, generated the most online coverage.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy generated the most coverage with 8,638 mentions, followed by Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias (5,802) and PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez (4,345).

A quick comparison of those favouring and opposing the Eurogroup proposals shows the former to be far more visible. Those supporting the measures generated twice as many mentions as those disagreeing, 14,511 to 7,289:

mdc public affairs

What stood out the most, however, was not the degree of support or lack thereof for the measures but more so the propensity of the political class to use online tools to spread information, extend influence and to attack rivals.

The Greek crisis gave Mariano Rajoy the perfect opportunity to send a clear message to his political opponents. He reminded the Spanish public of how easy it was possible to “wreck a process of economic recovery,” referring to the downward turn of Greece’s economy under Syriza and alluding to the idea that Spain could take a similar path under PSOE or Podemos were they to enter office. PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez in turn accused the Prime Minister of “praying for a Greek exit,” while Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias took to social media to praise the ‘No’ vote, claiming that it was key to reviving democracy in Europe. Meanwhile, Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera was clear about at whose door the fault for Greece’s dire economic state should lie: “Syriza haven’t ruined Greece, the Greek PP and PSOE have.”

This study carried out by the MdC Public Affairs team shows the extent to which online content and social media can be used to influence political opinions. The agency’s team stays on top of all issues that could affect its clients and continuously analyses the latest consumer, media and political trends.

The Public Affairs team forms part of MdC’s Corporate Division. Together with the Consumer, Health, Technology and Finance Divisions, the agency developed and executes integrated 360º campaigns that draw on all elements of the marketing mix, including advertising, digital PR, press relations and events, among others. The campaign devised for the Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI), for example, won various international prizes and was most recently recognized at the Mercury Excellence Awards.

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