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MdC receives more nominations than any other Spanish agency at the EMEA SABRE Awards 2014

May 21, 2014

The agency nominated in three categories for its campaigns for BEKO, AMDI and BTI.

The agency shares the award won by the MSL network in the category of “Research for PR – Consumer”
MdC, the top-rated and most award-winning Spanish PR agency, has won an EMEA SABRE Award in the category of “Research for PR – Consumer” along with the MSL network for the global campaign executed in collaboration with its client Menarini. Furthermore, MdC received more nominations than any other Spanish agency, having been recognised in three categories. These achievements reflect the success of MdC’s campaigns, which are entirely focused on creating news and generating results and which are considered among the best in Spain. The nominated campaigns were those carried out for BEKO Home Appliances, the Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI) and BTI (The Biotechnology Institute).
ESSM (European Society Sexual Medicine) in collaboration with Menarini: winner of the “Research for PR – Consumer” category for the “Engaging Medua on Male Sexual Disfunction and Treatment” campaign. The campaign was executed at a global level by the MSL network alongside MdC.
The campaign aimed to increase awareness of the importance of seeking medical help for premature ejaculation. MSL, in collaboration with MdC, rolled out an ambitious public awareness campaign looking to encourage patients to seek medical help for such problems. The main tools used included television and outdoor advertising, an extensive and informative website produced by experts and an international presentation event in Spain attended by over 50 sector-specific journalists. The success of the campaign at a global level led to coverage in over 90% of target media and to an increase in the number of consultations regarding the dysfunction.
BEKO Home Appliances: nominated in the category of “Home & Furniture” for the 1st Solidarity Cooking Marathon.
BEKO, the Arçelik Group’s international producer of home appliances, aimed to position itself in the Spanish market as a smart generation brand. To do so, MdC executed an ambitious 360° campaign centered on Spain’s first Solidarity Cooking Marathon, which counted on the support of well-known chef Martín Berasategui acting as a brand ambassador. The solidarity marathon planned and executed by MdC consisted of cooking over 2,000 meals in the space of just one day for the needy in the city’s community kitchens. Martin Berasategui created a special menu for the event and oversaw the work of more than 300 chefs who generously offered to help out on the day. Throughout the day, chefs from some of the most prestigious culinary academies in the country and contestants from the Masterchef and Top Chef TV shows cooked for unemployed people and those at risk of social exclusion. This altruistic focus created more buzz around the event which was attended by all the target general and consumer media.
The Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI): nominated in the category of ‘Government Agencies’ for the “Morocco, More Business” campaign.
With the aim of attracting investment from small and medium-size European companies to boost Morocco’s economic growth, MdC designed and executed an ambitious 360° international communications campaign for AMDI. The campaign sought to highlight the competitive advantages of investing in Morocco through a strategy of third party endorsement which made great use of video testimonials and research by independent financial institutions and business schools. A potent advertising campaign, an ambitious media relations and public affairs program and the creation of information channels in collaboration with important economic groups in each target media helped to position the country as part of the solution to the global crisis.
BTI (The Biotechnology Institute): nominated in the category of ‘Medical Technology’ for the “The Medicine of the Future, Today!” campaign.
BTI is a global biomedicine and biotechnology firm based in Vitoria that has developed patented technology to derive plasma rich in Endoret® growth factors (PRGF®). In order to spread understanding of this technology, which forms the basis of cutting-edge regenerative medicine, MdC carried out a 360º communications campaign based on storytelling and accompanied by testimonials, the publication of a scientific book, advertising targeting specialist medical journals and the planning and execution of medical and scientific events, among other things.
MdC executes 360º campaigns stemming from a comprehensive strategy and the integral implementation of all elements of the marketing mix. These campaigns are structured around, among other things, advertising, digital PR, press office and public affairs. The agency has the in-house capacity to carry out a range of services, from image and reputation audits to corporate identity and creative on and offline advertising proposals, event management, media and blogger relations and social media community management, among other things.
The award won with MSL recognises the success of MdC’s campaigns on both a national and international level, success made possible by the company’s international structure. The launch of the Miami office in 2009 and the establishment of two new bases in Casablanca and Paris in 2012 form part of MdC’s hub and spoke business model. The agency has thus developed a strong global presence, offering communications support across Europe from its triangle of owned offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris; in Latin America and the USA from its office in Miami; and throughout Africa from Casablanca. This approach is strengthened on an ad hoc and in situ basis through cooperation with affiliated agencies from the MSL Group, the ‘spokes.’ MdC also counts on key affiliated offices in Beijing and Mumbai which provide access to the Asia-Pacific region.
During the awards ceremony held last night in Barcelona MdC’s CEO and founder, Didier Lagae, said: “I’m very proud to have achieved such great results at the 2014 EMEA SABRE Awards. This is great recognition for our team and for the excellent work they do every day. I’d like to thank our clients for the confidence that they have in us and for the trust they place in our strategies, a trust that allows us to work together towards success.”

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