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Start-ups: To create a good first impression, trust your agency

November 11, 2014
Imagen Start up

They say we only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. In the case of a start-up that rule is imperative. You’ve just appeared on the market, you’re going to launch: you have to do something striking, different and memorable. You only get one chance to make a good impression, and you have to take advantage of it.

New companies with big ideas emerge looking for a gap in the market but start-ups are not mere businesses; they represent the dreams of entrepreneurs who fight day and night to achieve success with their projects. Projects that need clients as well as investors to boost their growth, and this is where good communication is vital. At this level, start-ups have to build their brand image from scratch, which, despite posing a significant challenge, is also a unique opportunity.

It is likely that entrepreneurs have an innovative product or service and a brilliant business plan, but they don’t always have the know-how in terms of communication and marketing to adequately build their brand image. Therefore, it is vital to be able to count on an agency that understands their situation and one in which they can place their trust.

These are organisations that demand great proactivity and creativity, with a close two-way communication channel. They expect their agency not only to write press releases or organise events, but also to provide full support, consult and advise on matters of corporate identity, market positioning, defining KPIs and more.

The 10 Golden Rules of Communication for start-ups

1. Understanding your business: essential to establish the objectives of a communication campaign
2. Experience in the sector: know your competitors and important stakeholders, market strategies, etc.
3. Contacts: the most important journalists, influencers and different stakeholders to consider
4. Creativity: for a striking launch that generates interest
5. Strategic profile: to develop a distinctive positioning that differentiates you from the competition
6. Tactical skills: to develop the strategy with the right tools
7. 360º Capability: to bring together all the elements of the marketing mix under the same structure. This gives you greater control of your strategy, as well as savings in the budget.
8. Proactivity: to self-manage the communication plan and advise you at every step without having to chase them up
9. Proximity: in your case it is essential to work with trusted advisors who adopt the account as their own and eventually consider themselves to be a part of your team.
10. Results: if you are entering the market you need to make a quick impact so results should be both immediate for your launch as well as long-term as you establish your business.

A good example of positioning a start-up in the Spanish market is the launch we planned for Blink.

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